WN Hub is an online communication platform for the game industry. It’s designed to help companies reach their business goals online: learn about other players on the market, hold video meetings, strengthen existing and establish new partnerships, exchange news and knowledge, and a lot more.

WN Hub goes live for the launch week from April 22 till April 30, gathering over 5,000 industry professionals from over 2,000 companies.
The platform has brilliant features to help any company from the game industry reach their goals.

  • Developer showcase will be useful for developers and publishers who are looking for the brilliant projects
  • Publisher Pavilion is a virtual space for the publishers to expose the brand and hold meetings with developers
  • Roundtable discussions and sessions by the speakers from the top game companies. Sharing experiences is an essential part of industry growth. With the WN Hub you can join online panel discussions on hot topics and keep up with the industry trends and news
  • The platform features internal networking tools such as general and personal chats and video calls. Set meeting with game industry professional from all over the globe. Filter the list of attendees/companies by your point of interest, and use our meeting tools to have a chat or set up a video call
  • E-bags with digital swag such as promo codes, gifts and trials from the top companies for each platform member. Easy way to start learn more about your future partners
You can get an access to the first week of WN Hub on the official website. The access is free for the launch week.
The list of companies registered on the platform is available on the website.
WN Hub features Games Showcase - the special section with games by developers who are looking for partners, publishers, investors or feedback from the industry experts.

If you want to join the showcase, you need to apply via this form and register your pass here until April 17. After the form is completed, we will contact you with all the details. Games at different development stages are accepted.
It’s a virtual spot for publishers looking for new projects. Companies may take part in the virtual Publisher Pavillion that will give them better exposure. Developers are advised to take a look at the companies in Publisher Pavilion as they are easy to find and ready to talk about future partnerships.
Find the member you want to meet, go to their profile and request a meeting. You can choose the convenient time. Requested person can change the time of the meeting.

You don’t need to download any other apps to have video meetings. The platform has internal tools to make it easier to connect people.
Access to the platform will be permanently available in a month after the launch week. We will take time to work on the feedback and implement new features.
Please make sure that you are using the same email address as you entered when registering.

Only registered members can enter the platform so please make sure that you have an access pass.

You may also have troubles with entering the WN Hub if you:

  • registered more than one pass at the same email;
  • made a typo in your email when registering.

If you think that one of these points may be the reason why you can’t log in, email us at welcome@wn.media.